Slope Protection

Tie Backs, Rock Bolts, Soil Nails and Slope Protections

No matter how difficult the terrain or formations, JDC has the technology and the experience to tackle the project. We offer all types of drilling equipment, and techniques that coincide with earth support systems.

Deep tiebacks, are one of our specialties. We accomplish rock bolting with equipment method, NOT on ropes. JDC utilizes platforms, suspended by crane, to access high slopes. We feel the factor of safety is much better than working from ropes. JDC has installed strand anchors from 57 strand to 3 strands from 50’ to 300’.

JDC has the “know how” and equipment to drill anchor holes with very close directional tolerances. We have drilled 100’ deep anchors on 3’ centers at 0.2% accuracies.

JDC is interested in bidding anchor projects of all types of difficulty including long depth, very accurate, large and small capacities, in all types of accessibility and all locations in North and South America.

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