Dewatering Systems and Wells

Relying on years of experience and using new advanced methods to handle dewatering problems, JDC has designed dewatering systems utilizing deep well eductors and wellpoint systems. We jet or drill the wellpoints, install the headers pumps and discharge lines. JDC installs deep well dewatering systems using wells from 8” to 36” diameters.

For projects having fine grained formations but needing more than 20’ of pumping capacity we install educator wells which require a pressure and return header both feeding into or from collector tanks.

JDC utilizes licensed hydrologists to design complete dewatering systems custom to a particular project or we will bid pre-designed dewatering installations.

Location and access of dewatering projects is never a problem just a solution that’s needed. JDC has accomplished dewatering from barge access to crane access.

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