Advanced Solutions

Advanced Solutions

Drilling and Grouting

From highway foundation work to dam projects, Jensen Drilling offers a wide range of drilling and grouting services. Designed and manufactured by JDC,our unique, drilling and grouting equipment allows us to get the job done quickly and more economically.

Instrumentation & Geotechnical Drilling

Installing instrumentation on various types of construction projects is a JDC specialty. We have the capability and expertise of installing piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers and pore pressure devices.

Gas Extraction Wells

JDC drill operators and engineers are seasoned veterans in drilling gas extraction wells on both private and public landfills. Our equipment is specially designed to handle the demanding and difficult variety of landfill materials that can be encountered.Just as important, we understand environmental requirements and know how to drill in compliance.

Environmental Exploration

Environmental drilling includes drilling at sites with known and unknown hazardous conditions. Our specially designed equipment and OSHA trained professionals can handle a variety of explorations. Past projects include monitoring wells, extraction wells and characterization wells at landfills and nuclear facilities.

Soil Sampling

Soil sampling methods include standard penetration tests,hollow stem augering, shelby tubes and pitcher barrel sampling. In soil formations such as sands and gravel, JDC utilizes air rotary drilling rigs equipped with casing hammers that drive the casing simultaneously with drilling. The end result is a continuous uncontaminated soil sample.

Equipment Manufacturing

JDC has been designing and manufacturing specialized drilling equipment and components since our beginning in 1966. Originally designed for our own drilling projects, JDC innovative products are now sold nationally. For custom drilling units, slotted PVC pipe, drill bits, adapters and drill pipe contact our manufacturing experts.

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