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Company History


Jensen Drilling was founded in 1966 by John J. Jensen. Previously employed by the Bureau of Public Roads, (Vancouver District), Mr. Jensen was involved with some of the first installations of horizontal drains in the U.S.

Recognizing the effectiveness of drains, along with the potential increase of usage as a method of slide stabilization, Jensen Drilling built its first horizontal drain drill in 1967.

From that time forward, Jensen Drilling has established itself as the largest installer of horizontal drains in the U.S. We now have fourteen horizontal drain drill rigs, which we continue to employ new and innovative technology to, resulting in the most effective and productive machines made for this type of drilling.

An Innovator In Drilling Implementation And Technology
A Jensen Custom Built Horizontal Drilling Machine

Custom Horizontal Drilling Machine, Designed and Built by Jensen Drilling Company

Along with the ability to build drill rigs, our extensive experience drilling in various geological formations across the U.S. as well as different parts of the world has resulted in the development of techniques and tools that can be employed to overcome problems in virtually any formation.
World Wide Experience
Drillling in Chile with a Jensen Drilling Machine

Horizontal Drilling in Chile
Since our first project of 14,000 feet in 1967, we now install annual amounts up to 700,000 feet.

While  horizontal drains are our expertise, we also drill and install de-watering wells, tie backs, rock bolts, soil nails, as well as pressure grouting, core drilling, and various other types of drilling.

JDC's edge over our competitors has been our ability to design and manufacture drilling equipment and components to meet specific needs. Our specially designed products are used in our drilling operations as well as sold nationally.

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